Dynisha Coates-Davis

United States (US)

Dynisha is a firm believer that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. An entrepreneur at an early age, she developed a love for fragrances and began selling fragrance oils and making scented body care products for friends, family and coworkers. For the last 20 years, she’s continued to provide her clients with quality products and service. She is a doting wife and mother, and proudly wears the title of Nana to 5 beautiful grandchildren. She and her husband Ken also have a very spoiled fur baby, Kobie. On the 1st of 3 trips to St Maarten this year, while on a tour, she was told about Tijon. She knew at that very moment that she would return and visit the Parfumerie. Six weeks later she and 5 friends returned to St Maarten on a girls trip. Unbeknownst to them, they would be participating in a mix-and-match class. It was an experience of a lifetime. She was so eager to learn more about the Tijon franchise opportunity, that only six weeks later she again returned and became a part of the Tijon family. One of the things she aspires to do is change the world through philanthropic efforts, giving back to those in need. Her love for people and passion for fragrances makes her partnership with Tijon are a perfect fit, allowing her to do what she loves most.