Andrea Ostrander

Greenville, South Carolina, United States (US) 864-402-9449

Andrea is a native of Northeast Ohio and after raising three children decided snow looked best in a globe and headed south to Greenville, South Carolina. She is a dual licensed optician and has loved helping people for over thirty years with her expertise in choosing the perfect eyewear. While visiting St. Martin in 2017, Andrea surprised her husband, John, with a trip to Tijon so they could both create their own signature perfumes. Her passion for glasses easily transferred to perfume and she was immediately bitten by the bug. She is excited to operate her own Tijon franchise with a desire to bring her wonderful Tijon experience of fragrance creation in St. Martin to everyone here in the states. When she in not dreaming of a new scent, she can often be found in her garden or reading a good book. She and her husband, John, also are craft beer enthusiasts and brew their own beer, wine and hard cider. Together they have nine grandchildren whom they spoil rotten.