51 Fun and Creative Uses for Fragrance Oils

While Essential Oils seem to be all the rage; fragrance oils are still widely used. Some of the uses below may seem obvious, but others I would never have thought of! Come into Tijon Fragrance Lab and Boutique, where we offer over 300 oils for purchase (both essential and fragrance) and start getting creative or just plain practical (ie: putting it in your gym bag).  Scents are such an integral part of our lives and how we remember the events and people, control which scents and memories people attribute to YOU.

51 Fun and Creative Uses for Fragrance Oils

1) Use as is on the skin for perfume

2) Put in water for a air freshener spray

3) Use a little behind your pet’s ear

4) Put on silk flowers or trees

5) Put on fabric softener dry sheets

6) A few drops on your pillow

7) A drop on your cold light bulb to scent a room

8) Keep a cotton ball with fragrance oil under your car seat

9) Throw some in your bath water

10) Refresh old potpourri

11) Add some to a gift package bow

12) On a hanky in your purse

13) Dresser drawer sachets

14) Add to plain lotion

15) Put in oil for massage

16) Use on a paper towel and tuck in stored shoes

17) Pour a smidgen down a funky drain overnight

18) In water for a cooling personal spray

19) Put on a doorway

20) A little on a sunny windowsill

21) Hide some in a linen closet

22) Add to lingerie wash water

23) In your wood stove water pan

24) On your heat vents

25) Under trash can liners

26) On a love note

27) Freshen a stale basket

28) Use in soap making

29) Add to a wooden necklace

30) Put on a bed headboard

31) Add to a burning candle

32) Put in bath oil

33) Add to stored blankets

34) Use in aroma burner (with water)

35) Under the collar of a jacket

36) In a gym bag

37) On an artificial Christmas tree

38) Add to holiday ornaments

39) Perk up old sachets

40) Put some on a high traffic rug ( under )

41) Use for meditation

42) Put in old sneakers

43) Use in a one minute manicure

44) Refresh car air fresheners

45) Put some in a pencil cup to scent pens etc.

46) For aroma jewelry

47) In water on stove top

48) In cornstarch for a scented powder

49) Pour in the jacuzzi

50) On a tent when camping

51) Add to live flowers with no scent

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Happy Perfuming!