Essential Oil of the Week – Amyris

Amyris has a soft, warm, woody/musty aroma and is known as one of the oldest materials used for aromatic and perfumery uses (it has been used for over 4,000 years!). It is believed that God instructed King Solomon to make his temple furniture from Amyris. If you’re not using it to build furniture in your temple, Amyris is recommended for stress and has a euphoric, uplifting effect on the psyche.

What is Amyris?

A small evergreen tree, the aromatic Amyris is native to Asia, Haiti, and other Caribbean islands, as well as Central America. With this tree, patience is required because it needs approximately 30 years before it produces its sweet essential oil. However, the oil is definitely worth the wait with his wide array of benefits and uses.


Benefits and Uses of Amyris

Amyris’ balsamic, woody aroma is relaxing and calming, and often used to combat nerves. Its cooling action helps to relieve frustration and sexual tension as well as general irritability and stress. It’s that perfect thing you need after a long day at work to get your mind and body right. The scent is both uplifting and soothing with a strong anti-inflammatory action.

Amyris also possesses beauty benefits, such as anti-aging qualities. Amyris oil both slows the aging process and works to regenerate the skin, making it an excellent choice for facial care blends. It is also beneficial for dry skin.

Above and beyond its many beauty benefits, Amyris possesses several health benefits as well. Amyris supports vibrant physical health by helping to remove physical and etheric toxins that congest and distort the body. An alternative choice to Sandalwood products, Amyris is an inexpensive and sustainable substitute in many aromatherapy applications. In fact Amyris is known as the “West Indian Sandalwood” and is a great choice for a base note fixative oil. It is commonly found in place of ‘true’ sandalwood in soaps and other sandalwood products.

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