Women Win When it Comes to Smell

Okay, they may be faster and stronger in most cases, but men aren’t always physically dominant. It is proven that women have a keener sense of smell than men. Seeing as smell has the ability to effect our moods, our sense of taste, and our overall quality if life, I’ll take it. Richard L. Dotty, director of the Smell and Taste Centre at the University of Pennsylvania, says that the male/female differences may be cultural or they may be hormonal.

Society’s Effect on Male/Female Smell

While things are changing, men and women still tend to have distinct roles in our society. There are definitely men in traditional women’s roles and vice versa, but traditionally women are encouraged to take an interest in cooking, fragrances, and flowers. Men, on the other hand, are not encouraged to participate in the things that are associated with scent and smell. As a result, women tend to use their sense of smell more often then men. As is the case with all things, when you exercise it, it begins to improve.

Hormonal Effects on Male/Female Smell

Hormonally speaking, a women’s sense of smell fluctuates more than a mans. This makes her more aware of fragrances and odors. These fluctuations seem to be influenced by the release of certain hormones during the menstrual cycle. Estrogen increases smell acuity in the first half of the month, and again in the early months of pregnancy, while progesterone decreases the ability to smell in the last half. This works to explain why it is common for a pregnant woman to be suddenly deterred by certain foods during different stages in her pregnancy. Since sense of smell greatly affects your ability to taste foods; if the way something smells changes in your mind, it is very likely the taste will change as well. This also works to explain a women’s desire for chocolate during a certain time of the month. So all you men out there, be sure to honor when your girl friends express their desire for chocolate, not only is it is scientifically proven but you may get into some trouble if you don’t.

With this keener sense of smell, it should also be noted, that women can be much more attracted to a good-smelling man.  Therefore men: do not hesitate to get that perfect Cologne. Who knows? It may be life changing.

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