Create Your Own Perfume / Cologne In New Orleans

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Mix & Match Class (90 minutes)

Offered Daily at 10:30 AM, 1:00 PM3.30 PM
Price: $99

Our most popular class takes about 90 minutes in which every guest wears a lab coat, receives a workbook and detailed instructions, and as much help as needed, and leaves having made 3 custom Perfumes / Colognes and bottling the one you like best. You also leave with a gift bag of Tijon products valued at up to $45. 

Class 101 (2-3 hours)

Offered daily at 10:30 AM1:00 PM
Price: $175 

Our Class 101 is our 2-3 hour class in which everyone makes as many perfume beakers (blends) as time allows, using as many oils as you choose, and bottles and leaves with your favorite; in addition to leaving with a gift bag of Tijon products valued up to $45. The advantage in this class is that after you have a fragrance you like, you have the option of creating say three more slight variations to see if you like any of the new formulas better.

The #1 Perfume Creation Experience

Tijon is the only known place in the world to provide all of the below:

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The Fragrances of the French Caribbean & the Crescent City

Rooted in clean, luxury ingredients

Tijon is a hand-crafted, award-winning luxury fragrance brand providing a curated retail experience

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