Become a Retail or Mobile Franchisee


Tijon perfume making experiences can be offered as a stand-alone retail shop; as a kiosk or as a mobile offering at homes, restaurants, spas, resorts, offices, and other convenient locations.

This provides our franchise partners flexibility to offer a permanent setting or a mobile operation.

We are looking for passionate individuals who share a belief in the scentsational creative potential of our guests by offering a 5 Star experience that is unique, interactive, memorable and fun. The unquantifiable benefits of such an experience are enormous and visible in our results – our franchise partners truly love what they do.


The retail franchisee will offer Tijon’s exclusive “perfume creation events” in their on-site lab in addition to showcasing attractive boutique with items including Tijon branded perfumes and other unique gifts.

The retail size can be diagramed for any space between 500 sq ft to 2,000 sq ft. Tijon recommends smaller sizes in tourist related areas.


The mobile franchise frees partners from securing and maintaining a commercial space. Moreover, the Tijon mobile model offers unpatrolled flexibility for the owner to grow, adjust and meet life’s demands while operating a successful, independent business

A mobile franchisee does two things:

  • Instructs Perfume Creation Events
    1. Fragrance remains an effective way to express personality. Not only do perfumes smell nice, they can change moods, help us imagine, create and remember.
    2. You’ll instruct others to maximize their sense of smell in creating a custom signature perfume at home parties, restaurants, resorts, spas, work places, or your home if local laws allow.
    3. You’re the facilitator of fun and great smelling experiences when you or your hosts gather friends for a hands-on perfume making experience!
  • Sell Products On-Line
    1. With a shared website and unique access code provided, your PC store is open 24/7 for individual orders any time. Earn commissions while sleeping. You can create all the fun of a party through your favorite social media sites. You engage others with informative posts, formulas and fragrant tips.
    2. What a Mobile Franchisee doesn’t do
    3. Rely on high pressure home sales and recruit other multi-tiered franchisees. You will focus and earn monies on facilitating scentsational perfume making events. And your guests will not only pay, they will thank you.
    4. Mobile Franchise: FOR THOSE WHO LOVE
  • Earning Additional Income
    • Receive the industry’s highest revenue per participant guaranteed at each event
    • Receive an additional 25% Commission on product sales
  • Being Your Own Boss
    • You decide when and where you want to work
    • Achieve a better work – life balance
  • Getting Top Training & Support
    • Receive top training and constant on-going support
  • Fun Trips & Memorable Rewards
    • Attend the annual conference for fun, awards and rewards!
  • Networking with New Friends
    • You’ll discover new life-long friends in other Perfumologists, event hosts and attendees

How does Tijon Assist both Retail and Mobile Franchisee?

You will not be alone in your efforts; the Tijon team will be there to assist and cheer you on in your journey.

  • You will be personally interviewed by Tijon to help insure this is a good fit for you.
  • You will receive comprehensive training and a How-To workbook.
  • You will have access to Tijon’s online help desk.
  • You will be supported by Tijon’s professional and up-to-date website, which includes:
    • Your listing and events offered.
    • Collecting the monies for online events and disbursing funds to your bank
    • Retaining a copy of the perfume formulas e so your clients can easily reorder more for which you receive a signficant commission
  • You have the opportunity for continuing education and networking with other Franchisees