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A Harmonious blend of the woodsy, deep, rich sandalwood combined with the sweeter, calming creamy vanilla with undertones of musk, rose, orange and lime. Alluring 
FACTS: _________________________ Scars can form after any type of injury or surgery. The appropriate essentials oils, with antibacterial and antioxidant properties, can reduce or remove scar blemishes. Tijon’s exclusive formula blends 8 of the highest quality essential oils known to reduce or remove scars while regenerating new skin cells.
A ketchy fun reminder of your perfume making experience. Be prepared for laughter and questions when you wear it! Choose your size and color.  $25.00


4.00 out of 5
Shalláe Eau de Parfum for Women Unique and luxurious, this fragrance combines the invigorating freshness of orange flower, grapefruit and amber with a floral heart of jasmine and rose. Undertones of musk, vanilla and sandalwood add to its magnetism. Evocative and alluring, it is named for Tijon’s sibling. Luxurious 
Classic leaf silver-plated necklace with unique lava bead that can be scented. The necklace chain measures 24″ with a 2″ extender. *Additional Colored Lava Balls $5.00 (Choose color)* $25.00 Necklace with 1 Lava Bead / $30.00 Necklace with 2 Lava Beads
A Natural, fast acting and effective topical sleep formula without next-day drowsiness. Facts: 56% of people experience symptoms of insomnia Hormonal events can disturb women’s sleep, and as people age they lose about 80% of their deep sleep Tijon’s exclusive formula blends 8 of the highest quality essential oils to reduce stress and induce sleep
FACTS:_____________________________ 40% of adult men and 24% of adult women are habitual snorers. Snoring can be caused by anatomical factors, aging, lifestyle, or allergies. Research proves snoring can be treated effectively with essential oils: after two weeks most see a marked improvement. Tijon’s exclusive formula blends 7 of the highest quality essential oils known to relieve snoring without side effects.


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Solana This citrus aromatic, inspired by Caribbean beaches & salty air, opens with pineapple, mandarin, & papaya transitioning to a wealth of tropical flowers creating a mix of emotions. It was created in honor of the first grandchild to the Tijon family, baby Solana. Sweet and Playful like a sunny day in Solana Beach.

SXM Cologne

4.00 out of 5
SXM Cologne This robust signature scent is refreshing, sensual and playful; blended with citrus, lavender, blue grass, numerous spices and a touch of mint, all uniquely aged in a French oak barrel to add a natural woodsy blend. Inspired by the sun and the sea it was Tijon’s first fragrance for men.
Tijons Mascot is a replica of the ceramic Arawak Dog dating back to 550 BC that was unearthed in an archaeological dig at Hope Estate near Grand Case, St. Martin. The Arawak Indians, early inhabitants of St. Martin, were often accompanied by dogs on their travels. The original ceramic piece is housed at St. Martin’s Marigot Museum. It includes a postcard explaining the history in both English and French. Made of Polyester Fiber Surface is washable Ages 3 years and up 6 1/2 x 4 inches long  
Do You Love 3:32 There’s a Party 2:25 The Girl from Ipanema 4:32 Sons & Daughters 3:50 What You Doing the Rest of Your Life 3:29 Summertime 3:36 Let Life Roll 3:35 All Right 4:36 Up Down 3:40 Easy Living 3:05 New Beginnings 3:37 Good Health 5:44 Praises 2:40 Sail On 4:48
A little love, an elegant and stylish scent inspired by the powdery beaches of the French Caribbean.  This harmonious blend, romanticism in a bottle, evokes your sensuous side, your brand.  It opens with a zest of orange, peach and bergamot blending with Bulgarian rose, jasmine, violet, lily and finishing with orris, oak moss, amber, sandalwood, and vetiver with just a hint of vanilla. Combined with 23 karat gold leaf. The essence of a woman forever young.

Showing 61–72 of 81 results