Nicole McNeill

  • San Diego, California, United States (US)
  • 619-738-0056
  • Biographical Info:
    Nicole lives in San Diego with her husband and two black cats (Null & Void), where she enjoys jigsaw puzzle competitions, Disney movie trivia, and listening to nerdy podcasts on the beach. Nicole earned a degree in Environmental Engineering from UC San Diego in 2012 and later worked as an Air Pollution Control Engineer. In 2017, she quit her job to explore new careers and travel the world. During a trip to Europe, she created her first custom perfume in Paris, and she fell in love with the chemistry, creativity, and sensory adventure involved in making perfume. Hoping to share that experience at home, Nicole discovered Tijon. She will be operating a mobile perfumerie in San Diego with hopes of opening a storefront in the future.