Tijon is an expression of the French Caribbean lifestyle Joie de Vivre and Savoir Faire. Quality, creativity and tropical elegance are the values underpinning the TIjon style.

Tijon also offers popular, memorable and fun perfume making experiences. It is the only known place in the world where a Parfumerie offers all guests a lab coat and workbook, the opportunity to create three or more perfume scents from over 300 oils; bottling and naming the one they like best; given a certificate with TIjon retaining the formula should the guest wish to reorder in the future.

Over 14,000 people have successfully created their signature fragrance at Tijon to-date. Participants arrive individually or in groups, the latter which may be celebrating birthdays, family outings, bridal parties, or team building events.

Featured in numerous international publications and media outlets, Tijon has taken the best practices of the parfumeries of Grasse, France and placed a tropical orientation and attainable immersion for all to participate.

Life is precious. It is about enjoying the pleasures of life; the feeling of warm sand between your toes, the smell of jasmine blooming along the shore, a beautiful sunset. It is about the small moments of happiness we experience.

We believe in creating fine perfumes with the finest ingredients found in the Caribbean and across the globe. We do not test on animals or use animal byproducts. (We only test on family and friends).

Tijon takes every detail into account. Our perfumes are bottled by hand to avoid the risk of oxidation and preserve their small batch quality.

Not only do we design memorable fragrances, we desire to teach the world about the history, complexity, and beauty of fragrance creation.

Tijon Further Believes

. . . in taking time to smell the roses, to enjoy the fragrant odors surrounding us in daily living.

. . . life is short and precious. It is about family and friends, feeling good, eating well, drinking well and smelling good.

. . . perfumes should enhance, not cover up the natural aromas of the body.

. . . in our customers – their friendship, support and feedback. We continually strive to improve our lives, our products, and the lives of the people around us.

. . . in giving back to the community. As a company, we believe in our collective power to make positive changes in the world, and we are guided by our will to make a meaningful difference.

Tijon’s Mascot

Arawak Dog

The original Arawak dog was a small ceramic piece unearthed in an archeological dig near the Tijon headquarters in St. Martin, dating back to 550 B.C.  The Arawak Indians, early inhabitants of St. Martin, were often accompanied by dogs on their travels.  The original ceramic piece is housed at St. Martin’s Museum in Marigot.  France made a stamp featuring the Arawak dog in the 1980’s and it sold out quickly.