Make Your Own Perfume - FAQ’s

Yes. While an in-person Tijon perfume creating class may be preferable in that you can experience the essence of oils in real time, Tijon’s Virtual lab offers a matchless opportunity to choose your perfume preferences and notes (Top, Middle, Base) which are then exclusively blended for you by Tijon’s Master Perfumer.

All oils are categorized into three “notes” based on evaporation rate, although some fit into more than one category. The unique balancing act in a mixture of notes is what gives a fragrance its distinct personality. We’ll ask for some of your favorite oils or scent descriptions and our Master Perfumer will take those into consideration in creating your exclusive fragrance. Many custom perfumes created will include over 60 fragrant notes.

We begin by sourcing the finest natural ingredients from sustainable sources and adding many additional complimentary fragrant notes, some of which may be of limited synthetic origin.
It should not be about natural versus non-natural, but safe versus not-safe. Many natural ingredients are in fact highly regulated, can be irritating, toxic or cause allergic reactions.
Of note we DO NOT use parabens, mineral oils, sulfates, phthalates, or animal testing.

Eau de Cologne was, and still is, a brand introduced in 1709 in Cologne, Germany.
In the 1960’s some brands extended their perfume line with a cologne, which was a lower concentration of fragrant oils and lesser price point.
Cologne could also refer to a man’s fragrance, since men have been traditionally exposed to messaging advising perfume/parfum is feminine.
However, today cologne is primarily a marketing word, and at Tijon we bottle all custom fragrances at the eau de perfume oil concentration level of 20%.

Unfortunately no, but our questions include “if you have a favorite fragrance” to list it and that will be taken into consideration by our master perfumer in creating your exclusive formula.

There are three enemies of perfume: Sunlight, Heat, and Humidity. If you keep it away from those three the original scent should last two to five years; after the scent’s character may evolve or change. The best response to this question – the shelf life is as long as you like the fragrance.

Yes. A Boutique, or Niche perfume is a fragrance produced individually or in small batches and is gaining popularity. Designer perfumes are broad formulations created by fashion houses and mass produced to be as appealing to as many persons as possible and include the recent celebrity named perfumes.

Consumers are being drawn to the attention to the detail of smaller-scale, independent fragrance houses. This sector of the market continues to expand thanks to those striving for quality and individuality. The creation of your own perfume is as individual, unique and bespoke as it gets!

This depends on the oil mixture in the perfumes as they relate to the acidity of your skin. The actual pH level of acidity in our skin is unique to each person, and each fragrance reacts differently with our individual level. Additionally, one with dry skin tends to lose their fragrance fairly quickly because there’s not a lot of moisture to keep the perfume locked in. Conversely, oily skin will tend to hold fragrance much longer.

No, as the fragile top notes will evaporate more quickly.

Yes. You can purchase additional bottles at by simply going to “products” then to “custom fragrance.” Scroll down to your name and type in your first or last name and your formula and ordering options will appear.
You can also purchase your custom scent as a Lotion, Crème, Body Oil, Massage Oil, or Home & Linen mist.
You can order these custom products from additional samples sent to you by simply emailing to tell us to upload that sample/formula to our website