Perfume Making Classes

Tijon: The #1 Perfume Creation Experience

Discover how fragrances are created & Create Your Own

Go to a Tijon lab or have the lab come to you (in available areas)

No experience necessary.  With assistance from Tijon’s expert Perfumologistss you’ll be mixing oils and enjoying the process of fragrance production.

Once you select your mixture from a vast variety of oils you’ll reach the most difficult step, choosing a name!

So bring your nose and creative ideas to partake in this rare adventure.

Tijon’s Exclusive 5 Star Offering is the ONLY fragrance creation experience to offer:

  • Lab coats are provided to wear during classes
  • A workbook and detailed instruction by trained Perfumologists
  • The most oil choice in creating your own perfume
  • The ability to make 3 perfumes, bottling the one you like best
  • A certificate of completion and custom bottle label
  • Retention of your custom formula should you choose to re-order
  • Free membership in Tijon’s Acadamie de Parfum
  • Your custom fragrance in lotion, cremes, massage oils, and home & linen mists

“I’m a foodie and love to cook and this is as much fun as putting together a gourmet meal without the calories!! Don’t miss this unique opportunity!!”

In a Tijon Lab: 3 class levels

Class 101 (2-3 hours) – All participants receive:

  • A  bottle  (55ml/1.85 oz.) of your handcrafted fragrance:  Choose and mix from over 300 oils in as many formulas / beakers as time allows
  • Education on History of Perfume; Sense of Smell; Raw Materials & Composing Your Own Fragrance
  • Perfume Workbook & Certificate
  • A Tijon VIP Gift Bag of products valued over $45

Mix & Match (90+ minutes) – All Participants Receive:

  • A bottle (55ml/1.85 oz.) of your handcrafted fragrance:  Choose and mix from over 300 oils in three formulas / beakers and bottling the one you like best
  • Perfume Workbook & Certificate
  • A Tijon VIP Gift Bag of products valued over $45

Express: Fragrance in a Flash (20 minutes) – All Participants Receive

  • A bottle (55ml/1.85 oz.) of your handcrafted fragrance:  Choose four oils from 300+ oils and Tijon will mix two formulas for which you choose the one you like best

Mobile Events: Takes approximately 90+ minutes (Mix & Match)

Original – Scentsational

Perfumes date back centuries as one’s scent was their signature. In this era of mass marketing, our Original Event is timeless allowing one the opportunity to discover perfume making and develop their signature scent.

Private Group Events

Celebration – Birthday, Anniversary, etc. (90+ minutes)

  • The custom fragrance event is one that will be remembered by all those who attend your celebration. Beyond the experience a truly memorable and usable keepsake, their own fragrance, is provided with a custom label

Date Night – Sensuous Scents (Adults) (90+ minutes)

  • What could be more enchanting and awake the senses than a couple designing and executing their own custom fragrances? Each couple is truly a unique and special bond, a concept similar to one’s own personally developed fragrance. Discover your “ scentsuous” side.

Fundraisers – “Create for a Cause” (90+ minutes)

  • A unique, interactive and “fun” way to raise money for your nonprofit group.

Bridal & Bachelorette Parties – Blissful Memories (90+ minutes)

  • Beyond the ordinary, truly extraordinary. While this is the Bride-to-Be special day, the guests have the opportunity to partake in the celebrations and have an additional keepsake and memory immortalized in a beautiful bottle with a custom label.

Team Building – Corporate / Team (90+ minutes)

  • In the quest for the new and unique opportunities for team building; no better option than creating customized fragrances. Opportunities available as multiple participants distill singular fragrances to create a truly unique team-building product in a bottle one can take with them.

Childrens (90+ minutes)

  • Tijon Teens – Adventurous (ages 13 – 19)
  • Children – Inspirational (ages 7 – 12)