Migraine5 - Migraine Relief Oil (10 mL)


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A Natural Remedy* to Mitigate Migraine/Headache Pain & Suffering


  • Migraines affect about 18% of women and 6% of men
  • For many, essential oils are the best way to prevent and lessen the severity of migraine attacks
  • Tijon’s exclusive formula blends 5 of the highest quality essential oils known to rebalance the nervous system and relax muscles



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Since some migraine sufferers are sensitive to scents during an attack, it is best to first sample the fragrance with a quick smell from the bottle. If you find it soothing, apply.

Peppermint: eases localized pain

Lavender: relaxes while reducing anxiety

Neroli: soothes and relaxes

Spearmint: reduces pain and stress

Eucalyptus: prevents headache from developing further

*Not for children under 10

** This product should not be substituted for, or used to alter, medical therapy without doctor’s advice. For a specific health problem, an existing medical condition, or if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult a physician before using this product. Always do a 24-hour skin test on a small area to ensure you have no reaction to these natural oils prior to using any products containing essential oils.

3 reviews for Migraine5 – Migraine Relief Oil (10 mL)

  1. Mimi Drew

    “I sent the migraine oil to my daughter-in-law (Lisa Drew) and she has been SYMPTOM FREE since she’s been using it … I’ll be on the website this coming week and order more from there (don’t want her to run out). Cheers!”
    – Mimi Drew

  2. oslester (verified owner)

    Love this migraine oil! Just smelling it, relaxes me. Can immediately feel my sinuses drain when I roll it on my temples and forehead but be careful getting too close to your eyes as it stings a little but quickly subsides. Keep one next to my bed and one in my purse. Was very happy to be able to order this; since originally purchased while in SXM. Thank you

  3. Kelly Lynne Nemeth

    Customer Note:
      Hello and thank you so much!  I bought your Migraine Relief Oil on our honeymoon when we came to St. Martin almost 7 years ago. I have not been able to find another headache oil that has been as helpful as this. I am so glad that you ship your products!!
      We also had a fabulous time making our fragrances in your perfume lab! Cheers!

    Kelly Lynne

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