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Unique Experience

I took my two sons and step daughter to make perfumes last year while we visited St. Maarten. My son's were really not excited about getting up early to go. After they went thru the experience one of them thanked me for taking him. He absolutely enjoyed it and made one for his girlfriend. I made a perfume for my now husband which he absolutely loves. Thank you for making our experience so memorable.

Damaris Mesa | Tijon

Such a FUN experience!

A friend of ours from the states had recommended this excursion before we left for St. Martin. An unforgettable time mingled with delicious scents. Thank you John and Cyndi!

Sue Piette


En famille avec des enfants en bas age et des copines de ma fille. Extra. Simple. Juste le bonheur!

Translated: Family with young children and my daughter's friends. Extra. Simple. Just happiness!

Willy Wilczek

My Favorite Excursion

I made my own custom fragrance as part of an excursion when we were in St. Martin. The experience in St. Martin was so much fun, and I get so many compliments on my custom fragrance! This is my second time to reorder. A friend of mine is going to St. Martin in February, and I told her she must go to Tijon and make her own fragrance as well.

Andrea Chevalier

Pride in her custom perfume creation

I will never forget walking through the ship, while wearing my newly made custom fragrance years ago, and hearing a stranger comment that I smelled good, as I walked by. I stopped, and said, “I just made this perfume in St. Martin!” That was all it took to make me want to reorder it now.
Best regards, Terrie
Terrie Rivett

My online order came quickly and nicely packaged!

I wanted to thank you so much for not only how quickly my order came, but how the company label was marked out for secrecy (wonderful and grateful) as well as how nicely it was packaged when I opened the box.

My husband and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, and we hope to come and visit again in the future. He is going to be so surprised on Christmas morning when he sees the iconic Tijon bag under our tree!

Take care,

Bernadette Lege

Bernadette Lege | Tijon Parfumerie

Make a permanent reminder of your visit to St. Martin

"For a wonderful permanent reminder of your visits to the island, nothing quite matches the special fragrance that you alone create here."  Jeff Bergers Weekly News
Jeff Berger | Jeff Bergers SXM Weekly


Watch the New England Patriots Cheerleaders make perfume at Tijon while in St. Martin for a calendar shoot.  The Perfume Making begins at the 8:03 minute mark.  The link is below:

One of the Best things I've ever done on vacation!

I went in not knowing what to expect, thought I would sample some perfumes.... and as it turned out, I attended a class and had a wonderful and yet educational experience about something near and dear to my heart.... Perfume!! I'm forever looking for that "perfect" fragrance, and here at Tijon, they will help you find it. I left knowing so much more about perfumes/fragrances and I admit, I wanted to come back and spend days and days inside that beautiful shop. My creation is unique to me and it think it smells amazing. I highly recommend this experience to anyone and everyone visiting St. Martin... I cannot wait to do this again, but in the mean time, I'm ordering more of their beautiful scents on line. This is a must do...

Marla Conley


I set this up while we were on a cruise in February. I took my 71 tear old grandma so we could do something fun together since this was her first cruise. I didn't know what all to expect, I was just hoping we would have a fun experience. Well this was one of the most fun things we have done. My grandma wants to go on another cruise just so I can take her to this again. Honestly I would love to go do this again. I am getting ready to order the lotion in my scent.

Courtney Archer

Best Experience!

"We highly recommend everyone take advantage of this experience.  We haven't stopped talking about it and we know you won't either.  **For the guys - do it because you will surprise yourself with how much fun you had!"

Nicole P.,Washington D.C.


"Ok, I must start by saying I booked this only to make my wife happy.  On that part it was a huge success but to my great surprise I really liked it too.  We would definitely do this again if given the opportunity!"

Terry, Ft. Worth

On a Scale of 1-10 this was a 15

"Educational, fun experience PLUS you get to have a unique fragrance made by you.  Highly recommend this outing for any and all people.  It is something that you will never forget!"

Nathan, Conroe, TX

Just Do It!

"The value is what is really astounding!  I actually loved the whole process so much that I went back and had another creation made."

Amanda, Dearborn, MI

Absolutely Wonderful!

"Wanted to do something unique and Tijon hit our experience out of the ballpark!  Can't say enough great things about this activity. My friends were blown away."

Lillious, New Hartford, NY

Don't Miss Out

“A Must Do . . . I would pay triple for the experience again. Do not miss out on making your own one of a kind perfume. You'll be talking about it for years to come.”

Polizpow, Washington, D.C.

I Created an Amazing Perfume

“I created an amazing perfume. This perfume is so good that I get stopped everywhere with people that are interested in this product. . . Am I able to buy another bottle of this perfume?”

Jacklyn, NYC, New York


“ . . . only had a vague idea of what to expect, but those expectations were absolutely shattered. We could not be more enthusiastic in our recommendation of Tijon.”

Todd H.

I've Been to Two Other Places

“I have been to two other places where I made perfume; this one was by far the best. It's my little work of art that I can wear and remember how I felt during my joyful time spent creating my fragrance.”

Jolianne, Charlotte, NC

Don't Miss

"Don't miss this Totally Unique Opportunity!!  I'm a foodie and love to cook and this is as much fun as putting together a gourmet meal without the calories!!"

ERDOC 1025, San Diego, CA

Honeymoon Surprise

“I took my Wife as a surprise on our honeymoon!  I found myself enjoying the class as much as my wife. A great experience.  A must do!”

Excellent Value

“It is an EXCELLENT value for the money, you cannot go wrong. You will feel sooooo proud just as I did. I just happen to LOVE my new scent. . . it makes for a great story. Try this experience, it’s worth every minute!!”

Jane, Chicago

Must Do

“Is there a higher rating than 5 stars?  This was a highlight.  An absolute MUST do!"

MY Pyle, Nashville, TN

Perfectly Located Custom Perfume Business  

“Tijon is probably the most perfectly located custom made perfume business of them all earning consistent 5 star reviews on TripAdvisor.  The hands on approach, where you're actually encouraged (and gently guided) into mixing your own stuff, like a mixologist or a perfumer, is where the real difference shows.”

| About.com

Workshop of Scent

“Modern-day Tijon is a perfumery unlike most others because it offers a unique bespoke service – a Build a Bear Workshop of scent. . . It is just extraordinary that with the proper guidance of Tijon professionals individuals from all walks of life can create something as personal and as special as an individual signature scent in a few hours – remarkable.”


Nosegasm | Nosegasm

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